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Root Canals

Root canals or root canal therapy have a bad reputation in society. In reality, modern dentistry makes root canals near painless.

As a matter of fact it is much more likely that the patient is in pain prior to the root canal not during or after. When a tooth becomes infected the pulp inside the tooth is infected. The dentist will remove the pulp of the tooth, allow the infection to heal and then fill the canals of the tooth with a material. Once the root canal has been performed a metal post is sometimes inserted by the dentist prior to placing a crown over the tooth. The metal post adds improved retention and strength to the tooth ensuring it will last a long time.
A core buildup is also used in some cases, this is a composite resin material added to the tooth to enlarge the tooth size and strengthen the tooth. The tooth is non vital after a root canal and it can be weaker than a healthy tooth. Just because it no longer hurts after a root canal is not a reason to put of finishing treatment it is important to have the post, core and crown put in place. If the crown is not in place it is much more likely that the tooth will fracture and have to be extracted.

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